Best Places To Purchase Pearls In Hyderabad City

Whether your planning to travelling to the famous heritage city of Hyderabad or already on your way to this land of Nizams, one question that will definitely hit your mind is where to buy the best pearls in Hyderabad or which place is the best to purchase pearls in this Indian city of pearls.

Buy Pearls at Modi Pearls

Modi Pearls, established in 1903, is located at the heart of the old city and at the entrance of Charminar Pedestrian Route. Modi Pearls is among other rarely privileged pearl dealers in Hyderabad, who originated into the pearl city during the times of Nizam administration and with decades of trust and experience, Modi Pearls continues to offer best quality pearls at unbeatable pricing in the entire Hyderabad region. The natural benefits of buying at Modi Pearls are:


The decades of trust built by its founders have been passing on to its generations only to make it stronger.


One natural benefit you get while shopping at a trusted dealer is quality. Modi Pearls ensures that only the best of pearls are being handed over to its customers.


Modi Pearls, which was primarily a wholesaler, also supplies pearls to other traders and merchants both across Hyderabad and India. This bonus is passed on to the customers shopping directly at Modi Pearls, by its unmatchable pricing.


Experience buying your precious gem at the same place where the trade was begun by Nizam himself, at the outdoors of Charminar.


At Modi Pearls, we make relationships not sales, we make best efforts to make your shopping experience pleasant while undertaking full responsibility for our products even after they’re handed over to you.



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